Email bomber download: How to Email Bomb your friends

Email Bomber is a software used to send unlimited emails to your friend’s inbox. The software sends user-specified number of emails to any email address. So, if you want to spam your friend’s inbox with a lot of emails, here is the best software for you. In my previous article, we learnt how to send fake email. Now, let us take a look on how to email bomb your friends.

What is Email Bomber?

Email Bomber is basically used to send unlimited number of messages(emails) to a specific email address. The victim’s inbox is flooded with these spam mails which serves as a great part of prank, helping in harassing the victim. Want to download this software? Move on to next section.

How to Email bomb your friends:

1. Download Email Bomber software. This is used to send unlimited emails to your friends.

2. Unzip the file and run the software. Hit on “SMTP Settings” tab to see:

Email bomber

3. Enter your email and password details. If you are not using Gmail, enter SMTP server and port corresponding to your mail provider. If you are using Gmail, leave the values as they are. Once you are done with SMTP settings, hit on “Bomber” tab.

Note: If you are not comfortable with trusting this application and don’t want to give out your password, you can use your test(fake) Gmail accounts.

4. Enter your friend’s email address, subject, message and the number of times to send email bomb.

How to bomb email

Hit on “Bomb”. Email Bomber will send an email bomb to your friend’ inbox. His inbox will be flooded like this:

flooded mailbox

Note: Please make sure that you do not misuse this spam bomber software. Play it safe, friends!

So friends, this was a short tutorial on how to email bomb your friends. If you have any problem in using this Email bomber software, please let us know in comments.

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  1. bro is this works with facebook ? :)

  2. and how to send a msg to a “victim” like a facebook security team ?? pls reply faster ~

  3. i seen tht b4 bro ! but i want to send a msg from *facebook security team something like that*, not like a facebook frnd or facebook user !

    ,and why dont we try to set phishing in facebook application , i knew we need ssl certificate for that , were i cant get a free ssl certificate ?

  4. Ya i heard abt it bro and i tried tht, wen im setting my ssl with my hosting account ! I was Just confused ! I dont knew much abt setting a ssl certificate , If u dont mind ,i hop, Can u make a tutorial for it plzz :) ! i have seen this But its not clear like your tutorials ,! So Can pls Rajesh Bro !

  5. thnx :) Rajesh ill wait for your post !!

  6. Hey Rajesh. I was really confused about the term Email Bomb.
    Thanks for sharing :)
    I will really give it a try.

  7. rajesh…….it was very helpfull……i played vid my frnss…..i i i ii i just……. ……filled their mails…..they al vr in shock….tanq brother… :D

  8. Hello Rajesh,

    I would like to know if I mail bomb one of my friends with this will he be able to block the E-mails?

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