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Rajesh is a tech-blogger since last 3 years and is pursuing M.Tech from NITK, Surathkal.


  1. Great Artical bro , keep it up :)

  2. Really amazing it worked…….!
    can you share some more stuff like keystokker.

    • Yeah, I am constantly posting new Facebook tricks. Just stay around.
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation! :)

  3. Very nice! Please share how do u get the login emails!

  4. Awesome bro Keep it up

  5. its mindblowing bro

  6. hey I’m looking for a way to get a login email address that doesn’t appear on the persons about page

  7. Really great work Bro Thanksssssssss :D

  8. abhishek says:

    after they recieve message how will i get there password bro and thanks a lot for such tricks.

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