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Do you ever wanted to bomb text messages to your friends? This is where SMS Bomber comes into role which helps user in sending specified number of messages to the victim. Thus, the victim’s inbox is continuously bombed with text messages and this is usually a good way to prank your friends. Today, I am writing about free SMS Bomber download which can be used to bomb text messages. I have included link for Nokia and also Android app apk.

sms bomber

Free SMS Bomber Download:

Note: Both of these apps use your network to send messages. So, make sure that you have unlimited or at least SMS pack activated in-order to avoid getting charged by your service provider.

So, let us get started:

Android App:

This app was developed by me during my course work. You have to enter the victim’s phone number or you can even import it from contacts. Next, enter the number of times to send the message and enter the message text. There you are! Hit on Start and the Android app will do the job of bombing for you.

SMS Bomber

Download SMS Bomber Android app apk here.


Don’t have Android? Do not worry… Check out the next app for Nokia(symbian) phones.

Nokia(Symbian) app:

This application works great on Symbian. I was personally using this on my 5800 some time back. Functionality is same as in Android app. Simply enter the phone number of your friend whom you want to bomb messages. This app has no way to import number from contacts so, enter it manually. Enter the number of times to send your message. Enter the text and hit on Start spamm.

SMS Bomber

The app will do the work of sending spam sms for you. Your friend’s inbox will be filled with messages. Cheers!

Download Symbian app here.


Note: Please do not misuse these apps. Play it safe, friends!

This was a short tutorial about how to bomb text messages to your friends from your Nokia or Android phones. If you have any problem in this tutorial about free SMS bomber download, please let us know in comments.

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