How to find Facebook Email address: Find someone’s Email on Facebook

Previously, I wrote How to hack Facebook Account in which it was necessary to find Facebook Email address. After posting that article, I got requests to post on how to find Facebook Email address. Facebook users usually hide their email addresses from being displayed in-order to maintain privacy. If you look at their “About” page on Facebook, it will not list their email address. So, I am posting two easy ways to find someone’s email on Facebook.

How to find Facebook Email address:

There are 2 easy ways to find someone’s Facebook email. Let us take a look at them:

A. Using Hotmail to find Email:

This method requires Windows Live account. So signup for a Windows Live account here. After you’ve signed up, login to your account and follow the procedure below:

1. Go to your Account Home and hit on Facebook icon under Messenger social section.

find facebook email address

2. Live will ask for permission to connect your Facebook with Live account. Hit on “Login with Facebook” and enter your Facebook credentials. On next page, hit on “Allow”.

Connect Facebook with Hotmail

3. Now, go to your Windows Live Home and hit on “Contacts” under Hotmail highlights section.

Import Facebook email address

4. Hit on “Import email addresses from Facebook” and Hotmail will try to import email addresses of your Facebook friends. That’s it! You have email addresses of all of your Facebook friends. Hit on your friend’s name and you will see:

Find someone's Facebook email

B. Using Yahoo:

1. Login to Yahoo using your Facebook account.

2. Go to your mailbox and hit on “Contacts” and hit on “Import Contacts”.

Yahoo to find email address

3. On next page, hit on “Facebook” icon and Yahoo will import all your Facebook contacts. Thus, you are now able to find email address on Facebook of your friend.

Note: I found that Hotmail finds more email addresses than Yahoo. So, always opt for Hotmail to find out someone’s email on Facebook. If you have problems with Hotmail, then go for Yahoo.

I hope now you are able to get email addresses from Facebook.

This was a short tutorial on how to find someone’s email on Facebook. If you have any other working trick which can be used to find Facebook email address, please share it with us in comments.

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Rajesh is a tech-blogger since last 3 years and is pursuing M.Tech from NITK, Surathkal.


  1. nice trick bro :) i just love it !!

  2. Great Idea man. I’m really gonna make use of it :)

  3. rajesh i cannot seem to see some of my friends email address even though windows already imported them to my contacts

    • The same happened with me when I used Yahoo, but Hotmail solved my problem. Since you are having trouble with Hotmail, try using Yahoo. If both aren’t working, then its a problem! Currently, I am searching for more ways. Will post here ASAP.

  4. Thanks Rajesh :) It worked already~Your tutorials are great and im looking forward to see new releases. Hope have tutorial on hacking the facebook password of a person.

  5. thanks yaar, it works greate, but there is a problem , it works on yahoo, but new windows mail i.e. does not shows there email address. can you resolve it. again thanks

    • I have not tried it on Outlook. Well, you just have to get their email right? Use yahoo, extract email and then save it for later use in Outlook!

  6. that’s what i did.

  7. Abhijay says:

    Hello. Great Idea. But what if I want to use a gmail account?? THen?
    And after that how I can i remove the fake email from facebook?

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