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I think you all might have heard about the new Facebook news feed! Yes, Facebook has designed a new Feed layout and to get it we have to be on their waiting list. If you haven’t requested Facebook, you can do it here. But, it is taking too long for many Facebook users to get this new feed design. So, what if you get the new Facebook News feed before even Facebook grants it to your account? Interesting? Today, I am posting a simple way to get the new Facebook design using a Chrome extension.

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Get the new Facebook News Feed:

The new Facebook news design is talk of the town. I really liked the new news Feed and as the Facebook says, it removes a lot of clutter and emphasizes on useful content. If you are on the waiting list, still waiting for getting the new design, here is the best solution for you:

1. Download Facebook News Feed extension from Chrome webstore.

2. Now, login to your Facebook.

3. You will be asked to give privileges. Allow them on your account and the new Facebook feed will be live for your Facebook account.

New Facebook news feed1

Note: This will work only from your Chrome browser, since it is the extension that does the trick here.

So, you can now enjoy using the latest Facebook News Feed which will surely enrich your Facebook experience. What if you want to turn it off? Simply, remove the extension from your Chrome and the new Feed will be removed restoring your default Facebook news feed.

I tried this extension on my Facebook account and I must say that this extension almost mimics the new design. Since this is not the original feed, it can have some bugs! If you find one, you can report it to the extension author.

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This was a short tutorial on how to get the latest Facebook feed using a simple Chrome extension. If you have any problem in enabling the new Facebook news feed, please let us know in comments.

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