How to install cookies in Chrome, Firefox browser: Editing Cookies

In my previous article Zbigz premium account cookies, it was necessary to install cookies in Chrome or Firefox browser in-order for the trick to work. I received a lot of requests from readers to post an article on editing cookies. So, today I am going to cover how to install cookies in Chrome and Firefox browser in the easiest possible way. Want to know more? Proceed to next section.

How to install cookies in browser:

I will cover method for editing cookies using Chrome as well as Firefox. Also, I am demonstrating how to install Zbigz cookies in your browser. If you are inserting any other website cookie, make sure you know the right cookie name.

A. Firefox:

1. Free Download and Install Cookies Manager+ addon in your Firefox. Restart the browser.

2. Copy your cookie.

3. Go to Tools -> Cookie Manager+ to see:

Editing cookies firefox

4. Search for zbigz. Now, select the cookie named “PHPSESSID” and hit on Edit.

Change cookies in firefox

5. In textbox next to content, enter your cookie which you copied in Step 2 and hit on Save.

Done! Now, go to and you will find Premium turned ON! Cheers.

B. Google Chrome:

1. Install Edit This Cookie extension in your Chrome application.

2. Copy your cookie.

3. Go to Now, click on Edit This Cookie icon present near your address bar(in the Extensions bar). Now, click on “PHPSESSID |”.

install cookies

4. In the Value field, enter the cookie you copied in Step 2 and hit on “Submit Cookie Changes” at the bottom.

That’s it! You are successful in editing cookies in Chrome and Zbigz will show Premium turned ON.

I hope now you can edit cookies in Chrome and Firefox.

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This was a short tutorial on how to install cookies in Chrome and Firefox. If you have any problem while editing cookies using this tutorial, please let us know in comments.

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Rajesh is a tech-blogger since last 3 years and is pursuing M.Tech from NITK, Surathkal.


  1. ith!Nk this works with facebook !! :) well how to get a victim Cookies ?

    • Yes, you can even inject Facebook cookies using this method! For getting cookies, you can use Wireshark or even a combination of Cain and Abel + Network Miner can serve the purpose!

  2. Im using mobile connection Internet! ith!nk cain dont work for me !
    Is there any other way to make a wireless router using my android phone
    Or What Should i Buy? To detect my neighbours wifi devices ?

    • You don’t have to buy any device. If your phone is WiFi supported, android will auto-detect wireless networks for you!

  3. Ya i knew that WiFi supported Phone auto-detect wireless networks bro !! :) , but im talking about detect!ng wireless networks In Pc Using Android Phone !
    I can use Cain, When a wireless network detects In pc right ?
    .Today Your Blog Looks Great. !!

  4. Well, My android Showing , some 1′s WiFi, Wen i tried, Its Almost connected, my home page is open!ng faster but wen i search Something its asking for Username : And Password :
    Ith!nk its easy to hack , wen it shows in pc
    Actually What i need to buy, to Detect the Wifi in my pc,
    Is That Call Router ?

    • What I understand is it seems your pc is lacking WiFi! If I am not wrong, you can use an external Wireless adapter for detecting Wireless networks.

  5. m not much familiar with this Wireless adapterz bro, anyways thnx for understand!ng ,
    actually im try!ng to hack my neighbours Wifi using cain :)

    So ith!nk this Wireless USB Adapter shows me, the nearest
    ‘WiFi Networks’ Can i buy thiz ?

    • The decision is truly yours. But, this device is really good for incorporating wifi adapter to your computer.
      Great device. :)

  6. Well ill buy this for Sure , after my xamz , and can u post a WiFi hacking For me plz ? :)

  7. himanshu says:

    thnk u very very very very much u r the man

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