How to Remove/Disable Facebook Seen feature: 3 ways

There are many tutorial on web to remove/disable Facebook seen feature. But, most of them are not working well for various browsers. It becomes really annoying if you want to avoid a person on Facebook, but you can’t due to “Seen” message displayed by Facebook implying that you have read the person’s message. In such circumstances, if you don’t reply, the other person gets an idea of you avoiding him, which is not a wise thing to do. So, I am posting a tutorial on how to disable Facebook seen feature using Firefox and Chrome in this article.

Disable Facebook seen messages

How to Disable Facebook Seen feature:

I am posting 3 ways for disabling this feature. Use option which suits your needs to remove Facebook seen messages:

1. FB Unseen:

This is a Chrome extension used to remove Facebook Seen feature. The only thing you have to do is install this extension in your Chrome and it will do the rest of things. After installing FB Unseen extension, your friends will not receive any Read receipt.

Download FB Unseen to Disable Facebook Seen Feature.

2. Chat Undetected by Crossrider:

This is another browser extension that you need to install. It is available for Firefox, Chrome and some other browsers. Simply install this extension in your browser and Chat Undetected will remove Facebook seen messages.

Download Chat Undetected here.

3. Using Adblock Plus:

This method uses ABP to remove seen feature. You must have Adblock Plus installed in your browser. If not, get it here:

Adblock Plus for Firefox
Adblock Plus for Chrome

Most of us have AdBlockPlus plugin installed in our browsers. So, why not use ABP to turn off Facebook seen messages! The procedure is different for Firefox and Chrome browsers. Let us take a look:

A. Firefox:

- Click on AdBlockPlus icon (ABP) and hit on Filter Preferences or you can use shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+F. Hit on “Custom Filters” tab.

Disable Facebook seen messages

- Hit on “Add Filter group” and name it something like: Facebook Unseen or something to know its purpose.

- Click on “Actions” button and click on “Show/hide filters” and you will see a filter box.

Adding filter to Adblock Plus

- Hit on “Add filter” and paste this:


- That’s it. Done. Now, hit on Close and Seen feature will be disabled.

B. Chrome:

- Type in your address bar: chrome://extensions and hit Enter

- Hit on “Options” corresponding to Adblock Plus. Click on “Add your own filters” tab.

Remove Facebook Seen feature

- In the box near “Add filter”, paste this:


- Hit on “Add filter” and close the tab. Done!

Adblock Plus will turn off “seen by” Facebook feature in your browsers.

Note: These methods will disable Facebook seen messages only in corresponding browsers. If you are logging in Facebook from mobile or from browsers where one of these addons are not installed, your friends will see “Seen” notifications.

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This was a short tutorial on how to disable Facebook Seen messages. If you have any problem in using these methods to remove Facebook Seen feature, please let us know in comments.

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