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Rajesh is a tech-blogger since last 3 years and is pursuing M.Tech from NITK, Surathkal.


  1. anonymous says:

    Thanks man.. Finally a working tutorial.. The only weird thing is that you get to see what everyone else is downloading!

    • Yeah, there is no such privacy regarding files on their server.
      Btw, thanks for the appreciation and positive feedback. :)

      • bro, i got everything ,but after getting cookies through that software ,but still is not showing premium a/c ,plz help me bro.
        thanks bro


        • Ramesh, I have said it already that the website is currently upgrading its host and hence Zbigz premium cookies are not working. Will let you know when I find them working. I am searching for other ways for zbigz premium account.. will keep you updated!

  2. Jatin Suri says:

    WoW WoW Wow ThnKs MAn It WoRKs LikE A chArm Thnk U VERY VERY MUCH

  3. please let me know how to inject cookie. pls…

  4. anshuman says:

    how to inject a cookie in chrome ??

  5. Taufiq and anshuman: I will post an article very soon. Stay around!

  6. rajatrajpoot says:

    ttttttttttttttttttthankyou so much sir . it is working.

  7. maztahbait says:

    Cool article! thanks heaps! keep it up! also, please create an article about injecting cookies for the new guys.

    Cheers ^_^

  8. how to add the cookie?

  9. gr8 work!! THANKS A LOT!! doing a good job!!

  10. u r so fabulous mind i have no ward to say something

  11. does it have a limit? coz av downloaded one file and putting another one the idm is not popping up

  12. i dont know why but yesterday i downloaded one movie very well and when am trying to put another one after it has cached the idm is not coming up any reason why?

    • It happens sometimes with IDM. You can force IDM to take over the downloads using specified keys. In IDM, use Options -> Keys to enable this feature.

  13. it helped a great deal thank you so much, theres this problem sometimes am getting when i click skip ad at Adf.ly some stuff comes up and i cant copy the link is there any way to avoid those pop ups?

    • Yes you will encounter pop-up after clicking Skip Ad. I have mentioned the method to bypass the same in Step 4. Please take a look. :)

  14. cookies havnt been updated for past an hour now whats the matter?

  15. Man first it didn’t work but lately job done thumbs Up for the good work ………. :)

  16. Yar it was working fine but yesterday it got expired or some thing i visited the link zerobigz.com and i m clicking on the link “click here to generated cookies but nothing happens So HElp plz??? :(

  17. SABERWOLF says:

    UPDATE! was finally able to generate a prem cookie with the site… but when I use it on zbigz.com, it does not work.

    Is this service still alive?

    Or did zbigz do something to block us out?

  18. RAJATRAJPOOT says:

    Rajesh Sir , You r the great and you are the Real Superman.

  19. hey thanks for the helps and for replying i really appreciate it,,they said they are updating the cookies was just asking how long we should wait?

  20. help me i have tried to get zbigz premium cookie from zerobigz.com but non of the cookies are working why.

  21. hi dear
    i have a question.
    i must be sign in to zbigz and change the cookie or change the cookie then log in to zbigz?
    thanks for your attention.

  22. Saberwolf, Abhishek, shain, chevy and pedram: Currently, zerobigz is upgrading the host and so, the cookies are not working! I guess we will have to wait for some time. In the mean time, I am searching for another method on generating Zbigz premium account. Will post here ASAP!

  23. please assist me how to inject the zbigz premium cookies :)

  24. RAJATARJPOOT says:

    Hello Rajesh SIR .
    I have a very important question . thay,
    ZBIGZ PREMIUM COOKIE GENERATOR is a working tool or fake.
    sorrrrrrrrrry for my bad english.
    please SIR tell me in details.
    my email.id is (rajatrajpoot9dec91@gmail.com)

    • I have seen a lot of such zbigz premium account generating tools published on other websites. But, almost all of them are posted on survey sites and I do not believe in such websites. Well, since I haven’t tried, I am not the right person to comment. But, I recommend you to check for visitor comments before trying anything! :)

  25. thanks for the heads up please post when u get another option

  26. hi, how long will it take for the cookies to get back up?

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